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Just a bit more…

When you feel you can’t go further

Without breaking, shaking, heart-aching

Can’t face reaching out; no courage to shout

Inhale, breathe in; go within

For there you’ll find stored, a treasure long adored

Depth, courage, already a part of you; hidden inside something that you thought had outsmarted you

Swim deep, dear friend, on your life it depends

Turn your sorrows, into tomorrows

By facing the mirror, accepting the truth

You were never truly lost, merely recluse

It’s not a giant leap you see, to get to the very heart of thee

It’s just a small hop, skip or a jump

So give it just a bit more, be not afraid

When you look back you’ll see, this is the life that you made



Firsts bring you highs and lows unlike any other

They can dumbfound you, compound you, push you to explore you, whatever the cover

Stalled at base camp or finding yourself atop the biggest mountain

Enthralling, flooring, uplifting, appalling, all those feelings you can count on

Compelled to try, for how else shall you know?

Take that first step, to see just how far you will go



Funny the power a label can weave over me

Foisting feelings upon us, so keen they can’t be arbitrary

Weary, Wiley like coyotes we go, poised for some conflict

We strike out on the day, looking for some justice,

Yet all remains the same and inside we can be calm

If we remember today is as yesterday, it can be a soothing balm

Forever in this moment, is the only place to be

Swaying backwards and forwards isn’t where you shall find me


Synchronicity Epiphany

Yesterday evening, I was blessed to have a series of mini epiphanies, based on a number of events that had occurred during my day.

At the time these small acts, events and thoughts occurred in the day they appeared not to be related to each other or significant in any way; some of them I even questioned as to why i was suddenly so taken upon acting them out.

I had no reference point or idea that they could be in any way related to anyone else.

Yet there I stood in my friends kitchen that evening, as she showed me some gifts and purchases, listening to her talk about what had been on her mind and I realised that at least 10/15 thoughts and actions that very day were somehow connected to her and the conversation we found ourselves having.

Synchronicity for me, has long been a sign of being in the flow and at one with our life’s course and our higher universal purpose. Like guideposts, these events show us we are on track and moving in alignment as we should be.

It also occurred to me that synchronicity could be a symptom and another type of signal; a reminder of the universes ever expansive creative expression.

In those realisations, I found a newer, deeper sense of awe, wonder, joy and peace at being human in this magnificent intelligent universe we are in and part of and just how much it really does know what it’s doing.

Love and light, love your light,




Just as it is within us, the universe pulses, it’s heart beats. Radiating out love, pure joy, all energy and with it, consciousness.

When we recognise this, see and feel it, we begin to understand the depth of our connection to all things.

Inhale. Exhale. Feel the life and power you are. You are you, we are one. You and we are everything.

Love and light, love your light,


The Universe Beats


What does good look like? Who decides? Remember freedom is a state of mind.

Remember your ability to absorb your environment and others energies. Surround yourself with positivity and watch your thoughts, they are creating your reality after all.

Look at the magic around you. Smile. When you follow that love, voice and feeling and do what you’re meant to, see how much more easily everything flows. Recognise the synchronicity of the universe. To master your life, you have to master yourself, your thoughts and emotions, you have to understand your motivation for feeling what you feel and thinking what you think.

Recognise the ego in all its guises, it has many faces, wiles. It’s negative and fear based and that’s how you know. Rise above yourself. Above that shallow veneer and layer and reach up and out to the universe so it can embrace you and you it. Only we make it difficult it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Remember why the Laughing Buddha laughs, remember it’s a play. We’re here to learn, we’re allowed to enjoy it and have fun. We’re not made to sit in offices, be still or have our lives controlled like we live in an ant farm – that’s why it feels so good to be in nature and “free” – our learning on this realm is only designed to a degree.

Our universe is a mirror of what’s going on inside us. Pay attention to your gut, thoughts and feelings, don’t be afraid to face them and call them out.  Question them – “why?” ask yourself “why, in the grand scheme of things does this matter?” Let go. Surrender it to the universe and see what miracles occur as a result of that simple but effective and life changing release. It is truly remarkable.

Remember to be kind to others but also to yourself.  Remember to be the change that you want to see. Lead by example.

The time is now

People think changes and fulfilling their dreams are these big unachievable things. So far away, so mystically impossible, that happiness is delayed, yet again for some future time. Once I’ve done X, then maybe, I can have Y. I can’t have Y. It’s selfish. I don’t deserve Y. This never ending perception of “lack”, of being denied something. This underlying sense of frustration, rather than acceptance of what is, is what’s driving humanity to distraction. Literally. (Yes I know, I did that).

Most of us in the “Western World” are fortunate, we create the reality we face every day, over circumstance. We don’t have the day to day basic needs and vulnerability issues that two thirds of the worlds population faces. Yet still we buy into the illusion that we are going without  and must battle and compete with our neighbours and fellow man to have/get what we need and what we want. What we think we need and want.

Inside every man, woman, boy and girl is a basic human need to be loved. It’s that simple. Everything that is not love, is fear.

Don’t feed the fear. Watch your mind and see how tries to lead you down this path again and again. Decide from a place of knowing, from the real you, that’s not the life you want anymore. Start right now. Start today.


When you don’t know how…

..to start, to finish, to process and digest, when you just don’t know how? where do you start? you release fear and put one foot in front of the other. Release fear whether anyone else will care or understand or mock or indeed judge. Let not that fear find you deleting your words, hopes, thoughts and fears; just keep on moving, it matters not about speed, only that you are doing it. Be sure that you may stumble and stutter but worry not that this means you should stand back still, just put your first and best foot forward and see where it leads, forgetting not to take in the scenery along the way which is life.