About Me

Background & Experience

I am a Clair-cognisant Channel for spirit and it has been that way for as long as I can remember.

I believe we all have this connection to our higher selves and to spirit and feel incredibly blessed to be able to work with my Spirit Guides, the Angels and Ascended Masters to be able to offer divine universal love, support and guidance to those who need it. I’ve read playing, tarot and oracle cards for over 21 years as well as combinations of astrology and numerology but work mostly without tools now. I channel messages from spirit and try and pass along what I get. I’m direct yet warm and compassionate reader.

The expression or title FateQueen was gifted to me as guidance some years ago from my team, when I was searching for spiritual answers as to how to address the recurring patterns and themes coming up for me, in my own life. Maybe you’ve asked yourself them too from time to time…

Who am I? What am I here for? How can I find my life purpose? What am I here to do?

How can I ensure that I have productive, healthy relationships with the people I love without creating unnecessary drama or additional karma? Is this even possible in human form? and the list goes on 🙂

As I’ve tried to learn lessons, grow and develop my own understanding of self and clear past karmic patterns and ties, I have tried to  also share what I have gained and seen on my journey, in the hope that it may also help someone else. I have done so, using this site and the handle @fatequeen1.

The words, wit, wisdom and joy of others, spiritual or not, has pulled me out of some incredibly tough places in my own lifetime and helped me see, feel and gain much more. This next chapter of my life is for me to share more of that back and pass along what I have gained, wherever I can.

I don’t, as an “individual”, have all the answers but have witnessed and experienced first hand the power of the collective and divine intelligence working with, through and for us, in our lives. I have been more helped and blessed than I could even possibly understand or begin to fathom, and live my life day to day more contentedly on my journey home.

So if you’re searching for answers to these questions or need help with the next steps or to move forwards with your life, please get in touch.

Love Your Light,


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