Synchronicity Epiphany

Yesterday evening, I was blessed to have a series of mini epiphanies, based on a number of events that had occurred during my day.

At the time these small acts, events and thoughts occurred in the day they appeared not to be related to each other or significant in any way; some of them I even questioned as to why i was suddenly so taken upon acting them out.

I had no reference point or idea that they could be in any way related to anyone else.

Yet there I stood in my friends kitchen that evening, as she showed me some gifts and purchases, listening to her talk about what had been on her mind and I realised that at least 10/15 thoughts and actions that very day were somehow connected to her and the conversation we found ourselves having.

Synchronicity for me, has long been a sign of being in the flow and at one with our life’s course and our higher universal purpose. Like guideposts, these events show us we are on track and moving in alignment as we should be.

It also occurred to me that synchronicity could be a symptom and another type of signal; a reminder of the universes ever expansive creative expression.

In those realisations, I found a newer, deeper sense of awe, wonder, joy and peace at being human in this magnificent intelligent universe we are in and part of and just how much it really does know what it’s doing.

Love and light, love your light,



Published by fatequeen

Figuring it out with love and kindness, trying to spread a little light along the way and help people connect to theirs

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