Just a bit more…

When you feel you can’t go further

Without breaking, shaking, heart-aching

Can’t face reaching out; no courage to shout

Inhale, breathe in; go within

For there you’ll find stored, a treasure long adored

Depth, courage, already a part of you; hidden inside something that you thought had outsmarted you

Swim deep, dear friend, on your life it depends

Turn your sorrows, into tomorrows

By facing the mirror, accepting the truth

You were never truly lost, merely recluse

It’s not a giant leap you see, to get to the very heart of thee

It’s just a small hop, skip or a jump

So give it just a bit more, be not afraid

When you look back you’ll see, this is the life that you made


Published by fatequeen

Figuring it out with love and kindness, trying to spread a little light along the way and help people connect to theirs

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