Here is some of the feedback I’ve been honoured and humbled to receive from some of the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of working with:

(directly and from work via third party partners)

“Thank you very much, I’m blown away. You are very talented”

“You are as always, amazing”

“Wow, that was just unreal”

“An honest and clear Channel. Thank you for delivering exactly as Spirit say it and not weaving a story. As so often happens, lots of readers lose the real meaning of the message because they feel it necessary to tell a narrative….. Thank you, for your authenticity,… Very, very Happy to have connected with you”

“This wonderful lady is amazing. She uses her natural ability to connect with spirit and has such a wonderful energy

Thank you so much for your wise words of wisdom and I truly enjoyed our conversation. V.

“I’ve tried most readers…over the years..<…> is amazing. No tools…. straight into the reading…. brilliant. A New Favourite :-)”

If you too would like some guidance, clarity or are seeking answers, please message me and let’s chat!

Thank you! Love your light,


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