I am just like many others, a person who is learning, growing and trying to evolve. Sometimes I falter, stop, go around in a little circle, sometimes I stand totally still, wide-eyed and forget to take a breath.

Along my own journey of self-discovery, I have been guided to share what I have been kindly given. The intention for this site and other media forms is simple, it is to share insights and inspiration from knowledge I have been fortunate to receive through various forms. Be it meditation, channelling, synchronicity, a person on a bus or a train, a book that flew off the shelf at me…who or whatever was my teacher in that moment or that day. In the hope that it will help another.

We are all spirit and sparks of light in our truest nature and having this human experience is joyful and awesome but can also be daunting, fearful and uncomfortable if we allow our ego and mini-me minds to rule the roost and haven’t yet started asking ourselves why we are really here.

Thank you divine universe, thank you spirit team and helpers for your unconditional love, support and wisdom, whichever state you find me in and thank YOU, if you are reading this, for being open to exploring.

Love and light, love your light,


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