The time is now

People think changes and fulfilling their dreams are these big unachievable things. So far away, so mystically impossible, that happiness is delayed, yet again for some future time. Once I’ve done X, then maybe, I can have Y. I can’t have Y. It’s selfish. I don’t deserve Y. This never ending perception of “lack”, of being denied something. This underlying sense of frustration, rather than acceptance of what is, is what’s driving humanity to distraction. Literally. (Yes I know, I did that).

Most of us in the “Western World” are fortunate, we create the reality we face every day, over circumstance. We don’t have the day to day basic needs and vulnerability issues that two thirds of the worlds population faces. Yet still we buy into the illusion that we are going without  and must battle and compete with our neighbours and fellow man to have/get what we need and what we want. What we think we need and want.

Inside every man, woman, boy and girl is a basic human need to be loved. It’s that simple. Everything that is not love, is fear.

Don’t feed the fear. Watch your mind and see how tries to lead you down this path again and again. Decide from a place of knowing, from the real you, that’s not the life you want anymore. Start right now. Start today.


Published by fatequeen

Figuring it out with love and kindness, trying to spread a little light along the way and help people connect to theirs

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