What does good look like? Who decides? Remember freedom is a state of mind.

Remember your ability to absorb your environment and others energies. Surround yourself with positivity and watch your thoughts, they are creating your reality after all.

Look at the magic around you. Smile. When you follow that love, voice and feeling and do what you’re meant to, see how much more easily everything flows. Recognise the synchronicity of the universe. To master your life, you have to master yourself, your thoughts and emotions, you have to understand your motivation for feeling what you feel and thinking what you think.

Recognise the ego in all its guises, it has many faces, wiles. It’s negative and fear based and that’s how you know. Rise above yourself. Above that shallow veneer and layer and reach up and out to the universe so it can embrace you and you it. Only we make it difficult it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Remember why the Laughing Buddha laughs, remember it’s a play. We’re here to learn, we’re allowed to enjoy it and have fun. We’re not made to sit in offices, be still or have our lives controlled like we live in an ant farm – that’s why it feels so good to be in nature and “free” – our learning on this realm is only designed to a degree.

Our universe is a mirror of what’s going on inside us. Pay attention to your gut, thoughts and feelings, don’t be afraid to face them and call them out.  Question them – “why?” ask yourself “why, in the grand scheme of things does this matter?” Let go. Surrender it to the universe and see what miracles occur as a result of that simple but effective and life changing release. It is truly remarkable.

Remember to be kind to others but also to yourself.  Remember to be the change that you want to see. Lead by example.

Published by fatequeen

Figuring it out with love and kindness, trying to spread a little light along the way and help people connect to theirs

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